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Look. Feel. And BE the best you with our non-invasive, effective body sculpting, facial & other spa services from the luxury of your home or Melanin+ Studio location.


"We built Melanin+ for the majority, for us"

To bring balance and love to the bodies and minds of our badass sisters & brothers, near and far. We are here to inspire and help usher you into a place where embracing exactly who you are and loving who you are is the standard, not an anomaly. Many of us grew up considering ourselves the minority, when in fact we - and all People of color - are the global majority.


We're not about specific races or subcultures. We're here to celebrate the unique perspectives and specific needs of everyone with no distinct definitions or ideals of beauty. We exist to showcase our stories, celebrate our unique backgrounds and the diversity of our heritages.


On-demand in-home sculpting services, wellness products and community.

In-Home Services Or In-Studio

Need spa services like body-sculpting and other non-invasive treatments? Stop by our Melanin+ studio location or Melanin+ can now come to you! Enjoy our professional services from the convenience of your home.

Health & Wellness Products

Melanin+ carries everything you need to look and feel good inside out. We carry cleanses, detox teas and more. Order online and have your items delivered to your home.

Community & Opportunities

Melanin+ is a community of beautiful, driven people from all walks of life. Tap into the community through special events, health & beauty tips and more. Looking to start your career? Tap in.



Standard Sculpting

45 mins | 99$

Mobile Service| $220


Butt Enhancement

45 mins | 99$

Mobile Service| $220


Radio Frequency Therapy

45 mins | 99$

Mobile Service| $220

Meet Lily


Hi, I'm Milan

"Most brand origin stories usually tell a very similar story. A personal need, an opportunity, and a go-getter entrepreneur who sets out to build it for themselves. While this is true - Melanin+ was also birthed to create space, not just for myself but for the rich, colorful, uniqueness inside of us all.

Melanin was created as 360 safe space for people to matriculate through their health and wellness journeys. Wether it be services, fitness events, product, or community - Melanin has something for everyone!"

Founder, Milan Zoe

Alphonso Reed


“I never knew the difference between a good and a bad facial until I had one at Melanin “


Tiazia Coleman


“Melanin+ has become a crucial part of my post op recovery. I was scared to go to just anyone after surgery but their wood therapy technique is unmatched! “

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